Our 3-axis and 5-axis servo traverse robots are used for various applications in the horizontal plastic injection molding processes that require high-speed unloading of molded parts.

The TRX-Series is designed for mega IMM and have a 850-4,000t payload capacity.


The ideally designed HRX III series contributes to improving productivity in factories, generating faster take-out time and a wider range of the maximum payload.

・Ideally designed structure for take-out time reduction (up to 20%)
・Durability has been improved by 69% by analyzing its frame structure and re-evaluating the balance of its center gravity.
・Range of vibration and the convergence time is reduced.
・The balance and driving specification of the arm has been re-evaluated to suppress its twisting and increase moving speed.
・Improved maximum payload performance:
Model 150: from 5kg to 7kg (largest payload in industry)
Model 350: from 10kg to 12kg
A complex EOAT for insert/multiple placement is adaptable.

・Datalink Integration System (IMM⇔Robot⇔Auxiliaries) for centralized setup/power control/monitoring (integration with HARMO auxiliaries)
・The newly designed EOAT adapter is equipped to drastically reduce the EOAT changing time (Model 100 to 250).

・Datalink Integration System (IMM⇔Robot⇔Auxiliaries) for centralized setup/power control/monitoring (integration with HARMO auxiliaries)
・Monitoring the sensors and sending the error information (integration with HARMO auxiliaries)

・User friendly on-site programming (Smart Programming)

・Signal Light (adaptable up to 7 colors):
7-color LED shows the status of the robot: power-on/stop/error, and the error status of the HARMO auxiliaries (with HAL-NET).
・Longer Vertical Strokes:
Model 150: up to 1000mm, Model 350: up to 1400mm
・Higher payload type:
Model 150 with higher payload (12kg) can adapt a heavier and more complex EOAT such as for insert molding with very little vibration.

・Communication with HARMO F series peripheral equipment.
・The robot controller displays the operation menu for the peripheral equipment.

・Customize the menus.

・End user free programmable.
・Editable programming using Windows PC. (Offline programming)
・Alphabet and number options are usable on the mold memories, points and names.

・The new screen structure simplifies the controller operations, including teaching.
・Smart programming cuts down the mold data creating time in half, so that programming is simplified.
・The controller backs up 1000 mold memories into a general USB memory stick.
The controller can hold up to 2000 mold memories with an USB memory stick.
(Use an USB memory stick with 4 GB or more.USB 3.0 is not supported.)
・Languages: 3 languages are available to directly select on the menu.
*Standard Languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese. The controller can hold up to 5 different language settings.


  • Vacuum ejector : 1 circuit
  • Palletizing (up to 999 points per axis)
  • Selectable home positions (1st Entry / Out-Mold / Above Mold / Backward)
  • Reject circuit
  • Counters (Example: Initial Reject / Sampling)
  • Pass motion (speedup motion)
  • Part grip : 1 circuit
  • Built-in memory for mold data
    (up to 1000 memories)
  • Smart Programming
  • Initial reject
  • Take out from moving platen
  • Display language selector
  • Main Sprue Grip: 1 circuit
  • Adjustable point coordinates during the auto-run
  • Customizable screen display layout
  • Sampling
  • Wrist flip en-route (speedup motion)
  • Quick point-teaching features (Teach & Go / Point Stop / Cordinates entry)