A plastic granules mixer is a machine used for mixing virgin materials and granulated materials. HARMO’s GMII-t Series is equipped with HARMO’s Gran-Cutter to help reduce processing time, and MBIIt is solely used for a mixing purpose and not equipped with a granulator.


  • The equipped touch panel and buzzer alert you when the unit stops with an error.
  • It is easy to change the materials.
  • The inside of the Gran Mixer is easy to disassemble and clean without any tool.
  • The mixture tank stores both the virgin and the recycled materials. Any wings or blades are not necessary for further mixing.
  • The motor mounted on the frame eliminates the hassles for removing the motors while cleaning.
  • The touch panel and the buzzer alert you when the bin is full.
  • The machine can out-feed the surplus materials to the incluced container.(GM Ⅱ only)
  • The measuring procedure for mixing is drastically improved compared to the conventional unit. The lid on the mixing tank can serve as a table to put the included measuring cups. The screw automatically stops by the timer during measurement.
  1. Measure the virgin pellet (V) and the granules (R) with the measuring cup. Repeat for a few times and enter the measurements. The unit starts to run the reference measurement.
  2. The unit automatically calculates and saves the average of the reference measurements, and then transfers the average value.
  3. Enter the molding criteria. The unit automatically
    configures the number of screw rotations.
  4. The unit compensates the difference between the actual measurements and the provisional calculations.