“Not a crusher, but a Gran-Cutter”

HARMO’s Gran-Cutter is a revolutionary re-pelleting machine to cut the fed runners and sprues into granules as small as virgin materials by using our unique swing press cutting system patented in nine countries.
Gran-Cutter can revive the materials which used to be thrown away.



  • Very little dust
    The cutters do not re-cut sprues and runners in the same place so that the cutters can minimize dust, static electricity, and heat generation.
  • Very few miscuts
    The cutters have the mechanism to cut the sprues and the runners into the specific size (as small as the virgin pellets). The cutter is free from mis-cutting (no screen).
  • Very quiet
    The machine keeps cutting and the operation noise to minimum.
  • Easy to clean
    Since the machine reduces static electricity, the granule dust does not stick to the inner wall of the machine. The equipped door, which widely opens downward, drastically shortens the cleaning time (5 to 7 minutes).

If a conventional rotary cutter granulators cut the sprues and the runners, which are thicker than the height of the blades (see the figure 1), they cut the material in comb-shape. The comb-shaped pieces tend to remain on the fixed blade and block the new sprues to go through. In such situation, the rotating blades need to run repeatedly and shave the materials into dust.
Additionally the conventional machines cut the thinner materials in ring-shape. The ring-shaped materials, which stay on the top of the fixed blade (see the figure 2), block the new sprues to go through and cause excessive dust.

The Gran-Cutter has the press cutters on the cam-driven swinging shaft. The stationary cutters are mounted where they mesh with the rotating cutters, on the circumference of the swinging shaft (see the figure 3).
The rotating and the stationary cutters have their own convex and concave type blades.
As these blades mesh together, they cut the fed sprues and runners and push the cut pieces out to the rotating blade side and the fixed blade side. These blades swing open again and are ready for the next materials to cut
(see the picture-2).This completely unique mechanism minimizes the cause of generating dust, heat or static electricity.

For example,the #1 blades on the press cutters cut the cylinder shaped sprues and the runners into comb-shape. The #2 blades cuts the sprues where shown with the dotted line on [Figure 4] as slicing the cylinder vertically in a half [Figure 5].

●The press cutters out-feed the cut sprues and runners. No remaining materials.
●For a conventional granulator with screen, any fed sprues and runners, which are smaller than the holes of the screen, would fall to the bottom of the material bin even before being cut and become mis-cuts. On the other hand, for the Gran-Cutter, all of the fed sprues and runners stay on the swinging shaft and do not fall to the bottom of the bin without being cut. As the Gran-Cutter cut the sprues and runners with a 90-degree angle to the swing shaft, there is very few mis-cuts.

The rotating cutter (1) and the rotating cut stationary cutter (2) roughly cut the fed sprues and runners. The rotating shaft (3) and the grooved cam [figure 7] are directly connected to the motor. Actions of the grooved cam make the press cutter shaft (4) and the press cutter (5) start to swing with the rotation of the motor. The press cut stationary cutters (6) press and granule the chopped sprues and runners into pellets. The produced pellets go through (7). The doors (8) and (9) open widely as shown in the [Photo-1] below to ease the periodical cleaning.

HARMO has answered the requests from our valued customers; to recycle the elastomers and any soft-type resins (PP, PU and PE), by developing the S-type Gran-Cutter, exclusively for soft-type resins.
Until our innovative development, factories had to dispose the used elastomers instead of recycling them. Even for other soft-type resins such as PP or PU, the recycled materials were far from being satisfactory.
HARMO has introduced this soft-type Gran-Cutter as the innovative solution to the concerns on the soft-type materials, which troubled our customers.

* The soft-type Gran-Cutter has limitations of usable resin types.