Sprue pickers are labor-saving robots utilized to quickly remove sprues and molded parts from a plastic injection molding machine. Our 2-axis servo sprue pickers provide maximum speed and flexibility while maintaining superior handling capabilities in the sprue removal process.


  • Newly designed body: The controller unit (controller and air valves) are built into the solid main body and the components are well-laid out to be insulated from the influence of surroundings. The body is 45% more rigid (comparing to previous EXZ-600).
  • Easy to reach: The “single-action” feature with the easy-to-reach ratchet position, provides smooth and speedy mold change-over.
  • The wirings are tucked into the wrist unit to avoid unnecessary contact or breakage of the wirings.
  • 15% lighter in weight of the rotation unit (Y/Z axes) and improved bore diameter from φ50 to φ63; stable rotational movement with 1.6 times more thrust and light-weight unit
  • By employing the servo motors on Z and Y;
     1. 35% less removal time (comparing to previous EXZ-600: 35%, EXⅢ: 45%)
     2. The teaching data is loadable from the internal mold memory. No more stroke adjustment when changing the molds.(50 mold memories after teaching the points)
  • The cable track on the kick axis protects cabling and tubing. The smooth motion
    provides stylish appearance of the robot.
  • The linear guides on the vertical and the kick axes enable the speedy motions with less vibration.
  • The grease catcher is equipped underneath the linear guide.
  • Compact hand-held controller
  • Easy-to-see 3.5 inch color LCD display
  • Switchable bilingual display (Japanese / English)
  • EEPROM storage without the memory backup battery
  • 50 mold memories
  • HELP function with the quick one-line description
  • Easy to identify the key switches function; setting or operational, to improve the operability
  • Counter (Acceptable / Reject)
  • Swing and Ready
  • Reject Release
  • Wrist Rotation (for F type)
  • On-the-Way-In Sprue Release
  • Vertical Arm Extension (+100mm) (for 600 type)
  • Vacuum Circuit
  • Grip Nipper Circuit
  • Primary / Secondary Nipper Circuit (with Nippers and Miniature Cylinder)
  • Air Blow
  • Conveyor Signal Output
  • Finger (From RCH-20 to RCH-10L)
  • Rotation Stopper
  • Controller Box Bracket
  • Customized Color
  • Euromap 12
  • Euromap 67